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Welcome to Cheers, LG

Hello and welcome to Cheers, LG. My name is Lauren and after many failed attempts at making a blog and a lot of thought, here we are.

This is a blog dedicated to life and adventure and all of the things that fall somewhere near or not-so-near those things. Cheers, LG will cover a broad variety of topics, with the most popular being travel and lifestyle. However, sometimes I will talk about sports or fashion or other cool things that might be on my mind. I hope everyone can find a little something that interests them here.

As for a little about me, I am a midwestern girl born and raised in Michigan. However, the east coast has my heart and I hope to move to New York or somewhere around there after college.

I am currently attending Michigan State University, studying journalism with minors in graphic design and sports reporting. Dream jobs include (but are not limited to): travel writer, designer for a pro-basketball team or a creative director at a cool company or magazine.

If you have interest in seeing the work I have done so far, you can check out my portfolio website here: https://laurengewirtz.myportfolio.com. This is also accessible in the menu bar above.

Right now I am going to try to manage one or two post a week, but that could change depending on what my schedule looks like. I will also be studying abroad in June, so I will be posting more frequently during my trip. You can subscribe to the blog on my homepage to stay up to date as well.

Stay tuned as I begin this new journey!

cheers, LG

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