• Lauren Gewirtz

Views from the Arc de Triomphe

After being on two walking tours, it's safe to say that I love every part of Paris that I have seen. That being said, the place that impacted me the most would have to be the top of the Arc de Triomphe. Sounds touristy, I know, but the feeling I got being up there was quite different from any other place I have been.

Walking up all of those stairs made me dizzy and although I like to think that I can see with my contacts okay, I second guessed myself a few times on that spiral staircase. Close your eyes and think for a second about looking down at your feet and walking up a spiral staircase. We've all probably walked up one at least once, right? But this one felt like it went on forever. Depth perception starts to get sketchy on going up as you are trying to hold on to the thin, metal rail and also glance at the bland concrete wall in order to not get dizzy.

Once making it up, there is a not-so-large doorway kind of thing to go outside. Walking out of that space makes you feel like you're finally seeing the light again after being trapped in a dungeon. Obviously, the experience was not as traumatic as a dungeon would probably be, but nevertheless it feels good to finally see the natural light again.

After seeing and feeling the natural light, you are surrounded by people. Almost makes you wish that you were back on the stairs where you could take each one on your own. However, the view made me think otherwise almost immediately.

Looking out onto Paris from the Arc de Triomphe on a party cloudy evening made that climb up the stairs worth it. I remember seeing that view that made me feel like I was in the center of the street looking down, seeing the cars going around the Arc in that famous circle you see in all of the pictures. The chaos of the evening all below me. That was the first moment that I really started to fall in love with the city of love.


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