• Lauren Gewirtz

Sports Used Beyond Their Purpose

Although the Olympics have been used in the past as propaganda to promote certain countries and their ideas, I do not think that this has ever been the case for the United States or Canada. These two countries really seem to use the Olympics as a chance to unite their country under one common goal: to cheer on their country and win.

As an American, I have always perceived the Olympics as one of the very few times that the country comes together and is not focusing on our differences, but cheering on the athletes. It is so amazing to hear the stories of those who have worked their whole lives for one moment.

Would we ever be capable of using sport for political or social manipilation? Sure. I would argue that we are seeing that right now with Colin Kaepernick and the kneeling situation in the NFL. What was a gesture of social protest by Kaepernick has turned the NFL into something even more political than it already was. Even the President of the United States has become involved to some extent.

I think this is something we will continue to see in various leagues as more athletes use their voices for change. However, I am not sure if this kind of thing will ever reach the Olympics Given the current political climate in the States, it does certainly seem possible.

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