• Lauren Gewirtz

Smells of Paris

As I walked into the bakery, it smelled different. Instead of breads and croissants filling the shelves, it was mostly pastries with limited kinds of bread and baguettes. I could smell the sweet scent of macaroons, which is a mix of a soft almond smell and a kind of warmness once it hits your nose.

Many scents of Paris are different due primarily to two things: food and cigarette smoke. In America, cigarette smoking has been cut down a lot even in just the past 10 years, so walking down the streets smells like warm toxins and the scent itself actually feels like a film over your face for a moment when you walk through the smoke.

The food on the other hand is amazing. A lot of times, I can smell something walking down the street and distinguish the food based on notes of the scent, such as certain spices. Yesterday, as I was walking I could smell pasta because noodles have a certain wheaty scent to them when they are cooked.

While there is a lot of unfamiliarity in the city, there are also the typical smells that you get from the Metro just as you would in New York City. Whether that be the smell of steel speeding down tracks or odor from people or trash, the smell is very general and is something I have experienced anywhere that is hot and busy with a lot of people.

Cheers, LG

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