• Lauren Gewirtz

the pressure on olympic athletes

Representing my country in the Olympics would be surreal. Obviously, I am no professional athlete let alone good at playing sports. However, thinking about putting myself in the position of representing the entire United States of America in front of the world seems a bit daunting. Just sitting here typing this makes my stomach feel like I am on a roller coaster.

I am sure that most if not all Olympic athletes have to get in a completely new frame of mind to compete in the Olympic games. They are obviously one of the best at their sport, but that does not mean that they are immune to the pressure that anyone feels when they are put in a spotlight to win and represent something bigger.

So many great stories have been told over the years about athletes and their families, friends and they sport they enjoy, but those athletes might not ever win a medal. Does that mean they are a failure? In my eyes, it is most certainly a no. Countries and fans put so much pressure on Olympic athletes to win and come back with a medal.

However, playing something that one loves at the highest level of competition is in itself a victory that should be shared. After all, no matter the sport, there are only three people that take a medal home.


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