• Lauren Gewirtz

My Skills and How I am Using Them

Today, we spoke to Sean-Patrick Lovett at the communications department of the Vatican. He spoke about the left and right hand and how they represent the skills we have and are born with and how we are putting them into action. So, here I am, looking at my individual skills and what I am doing with them.

I want to premise this by saying that a lot of my skills have been found recently. For a long period of my life, I did not really know what I was good at. I found myself as a follower more than a leader, even in my own life. Recently (we are talking the past three months), I have discovered a lot of things about my life and myself and now consider myself a leader, at least of my own life.

Things I am good at (left hand):

  • Listening to other people and their problems, concerns, ideas, stories, etc. and giving constructive feedback.

  • Feeling things -- I really love to take the time to asses my emotions in a situation and actually feel things. This kind of sounds weird and is also hard to explain, but I like actually feeling and experiencing my emotions, whether that by happy or sad or angry. I believe it is one of the best ways to understand oneself and I have become pretty good at it.

  • Being empathetic towards others and their situations. To me, empathy is one of the most important things in this world. This kind of goes hand-in-hand with the prior point.

  • Not making assumptions about other people -- I have gone through so many good and terrible things in my life and I am sure people have made assumptions about me and/or my situation. Since I know how difficult that can be sometimes, I really try to not create any kind of preconceived notions about people and speak to everyone with an open mind.

  • Loving and appreciating people -- when I really care about someone, I like to think that they know. When I love people, whether that be my family, friends, etc., I love them whole-heartedly and I try my best to do that in an action-based way. This one is the most recent on my list because loving other people is a hell of a lot easier when you love yourself first.

With these things, I am first and foremost becoming a better human being and member of this world. Although the skills I listed are not concrete like drawing or solving math problems, I believe they are the key to getting where I hope to go and doing the things I desire to do.

In order to do anything concrete in this world, you have to be able to communicate with others and at least be willing to understand them on some level. Human interaction is in the core of everything. Even in the technological age we live in, producers still have to understand consumers, their audience, in order to make successful products. Consumers are people and no matter how far we seem to distance ourselves from real-life human interaction, it will always exist in some form.

I know that these skills will help me not only as a journalist, but as a member of society that empathizes, feels things, listens to people and loves.


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