• Lauren Gewirtz

L'Equipe versus eurosport: my thoughts

Although L’Equipe and Eurosport are in the same market, I would not really consider them competitors. L’Equipe is a lot more audience driven and is looking for different results than Eurosport in relation to their growth.

L’Equipe is looking to grow through paid subscriptions online. They know that the number of print readers is declining, so they are looking towards expanding their website and growing their audience through interactive means online. Aside from that, L’Equipe uses their T.V. platform to connect to their audience and increase engagement and not for people to pay to watch.

Eurosport is really different from L’Equipe most notably because they are a profitable television company. The company also relies heavily on advertisements and has to please their advertisers.

Overall, I liked L’Equipe better than Eurosport because they are more multi-platform and seem to be continuously re-evaluating their business model in order to stay relevant. This is more important now than ever because of the digital age we are living in. I also love how they still care about print and great photography and design, even though they are becoming more web based. I think a news outlet like Sports Illustrated would have benefited from doing something like this five years ago.


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