• Lauren Gewirtz

Gelato in Rome

The texture was smooth in a way that ice cream in the United States of America could never be -- maybe because it tasted more pure than ice cream. The flavors of coffee, stracciatella (similar to that of chocolate chip in America, but a softer vanilla flavor) and vanilla melted together and were exact to their description, except in a cool, creamy texture.

Soft serve in the United States tastes clearly artificially flavored. When I get my usual order of a twist in a cone with sprinkles, that vanilla and chocolate just tastes fake. It is obviously still good, but nothing will ever compare to this that I have eaten here.

Beside the texture, this was cool, not cold. When the flavor met my taste buds, I experienced the whole sweetness of each flavor. This is something that varies with American ice cream because when something is extremely cold, like most ice cream, your taste buds cannot meet the entire flavor of something.

The whole combination of this food was actually life changing. I will never look at ice cream in America the same way, although Quality Dairy's Death by Chocolate will always have a special place in my heart.

Gelato, as far as food goes, you have been special to me.


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