• Lauren Gewirtz

EurosporT visit: reaching sports media across europe

Updated: Jun 1, 2018

Walking into Eurosport, I had no idea what to expect. When I walked out, I was impressed with the reach that the company has across Europe and it gave me a new perspective on how sports are viewed around the world.

The thing that amazed me was the number of languages that the broadcasts come in. Twenty-two different languages? That is mind blowing to me simply because there is nothing that even compares to that in the States. Eurosport really curates content for the specific country they are broadcasting to and although this is similar to what the Big Ten Network does, it is multiplied by one hundred.

Even though Eurosport was different from what we are used to in the States with all of the channels and languages, the overall experience of being in a corporate office and studio gave a similar feel to what I would imagine of ESPN or FOX.

As we learned today, ESPN did not go so well in Europe so if anything, I see ESPN evolving the ESPN Deportes channel into a larger network down the road. I think the opportunities are there for them to grow and provide more content for their Spanish-speaking viewers in the States.

Overall, Eurosport really opened my eyes to just how different sports are viewed in Europe versus in the States (like how they could care less about the Super Bowl). Those things are important to remember, especially when working with people and trying to connect with viewers from all different backgrounds.


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