• Lauren Gewirtz

doerr's Four Seasons in Rome

Anthony Doerr experiences a lot of different emotions as he get accustomed to Rome and throughout his year in the city. The connection he made that really resonated with me was the cultural differences, as this was something that I first feared when I was preparing to leave for Europe.

Now that I am in Rome, I can feel a tiny amount of what Doerr probably experienced in his year here. I can understand why he was a bit frustrated trying to figure his way around because even though I came from Paris, Rome is a whole different culture.

As I imagine what it would be like to spend a year here, I think that the impact would be major. Even being in Europe for two and a half weeks has been extremely mind-opening and I am sure that Doerr was impacted not only culturally, but also mentally and emotionally. Being away from what you know of as home for that long along would be challenging, but overall, I think the impact it had on him was positive, even with its challenges.

For me, I believe that Rome is going to help me understand more about how many people do not live as complex lives as we do in the United States. Francesco spoke today about how he has lived most of his life without air conditioning. I sat there and realized that I do not know life without it and that made me really think about just how many commodities we have in the States that other places do not.

I cannot wait to see how much more I learn and grow in the next two weeks!


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