• Lauren Gewirtz

CNN: Jim Bitterman gives insight on international reporting

Although CNN is seen as an American news outlet, they are truly global and I think they do a great job of giving an international perspective compared to many other American news outlets.

Having someone like Jim Bitterman in Paris really gives CNN an edge on international reporting, specifically in France, because he can be on the scene of a breaking news story and give insights from sources that other American news outlets might not have due to physical distance of their reporters from European cities. On top of that, Bitterman has been in Paris for around 40 years, which really helps him give CNN an edge in getting information that will be a lot harder for other to get.

I believe that American reporters can be journalistically objective, even though they are reporting back to the United States. It may be a little harder for them, but I think if a journalist is good at what they do, then they are able to connect international events to things going on in the country of their audience and localize the story.



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